A week in the City that Never Sleeps, Manhattan, NewYork

Busy streets, big lights, bigger dreams, and my love for New York stays in my heart and the crowds all day, everyday!

The times square, beautiful red stairs, diverse people, crowded with people, stores and food stalls. You know you are a tourist in this city, if you smile and wish people. Not that New Yorkers are rude but they are always in a rush. May be the city makes you that kind of a person. On the subway, crossing the streets, everybody seems to have music on their phones or ipods and headphones on about everybody’s ears. Hard working people of New York work all day and night and want to go to their homes at the end of the day.

Sipping  cappuccino from starbucks, going from Harlem to  Brooklyn bridge, nothing can compares to this city.  I felt like a new person. Many times we might think can you possible live in this busy city, where city does not sleep at all. We always wonder how it’s like until we finally see how it actually is!  A country girl from Wichita, Kansas wanted to explore, “the city that never sleeps”. New York, New York. She wanted to live in the crowd for at least 2 years and work at Morgan Stanley  to find herself after she is through her graduate school. But when you are west coast kind of a person you cannot really live in this city. This city is demanding, and if you are a person who is laid back, good luck!


Traveling from New Jersey, to Manhattan, the huge Yankee stadium made me excited. I wanted to see the world trade centre. When you visit the wall of faces, dedicated to the victims of 9/11, a chill might run through your spine. So many people lost their lives in that day. This memorial wall has each victim’s name, shape of their face on the wall. Walking on the wall street journal and seeing people busy with their strike, made me feel, is this the same wall street that I had seen on TV? Statue of liberty held up so high, I wanted to to stay in the ferry forever and look at the statue. I was in love with New York! Amazing city! This city actually never sleeps, sirens on the street. I fell in love with this place.


Sometimes, when I go to Durbar Marg, Kingsway I feel like I am in the New York city! Specially on friday night, when people are out, celebrating the weekend, the crowds take me back to the memory lane of my visit to the the city that never sleeps! The mini version of the New York city.


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  1. July 22, 2016

    It’s most definitely the kind of city that captures one’s heart! We used to visit all the time then finally moved to the area and we haven’t looked back since. 🙂 Sometimes a place can magically feel like home.

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