All About Me

Pratibha Bhattarai, raised in Kathmandu, Nepal, in South East Asia. Nepal is a land-locked country, surrounded by China in the northern side and, India in the eastern, western and southern side. Through this blog I am going to share my travel experience, things I see on a regular basis at work, at home and in our society.

My travel journey beings from my hometown. From the hills and valley of my country to “God’s own country” Kerala, India, to Kanyakumari to the northern most region of Nepal. From mid-west, Wichita, Kansas to Key west Florida. From New York city, to the valley of wine, Napa Valley, California. Traveling from Bangkok to Japan and the beautiful culture of emirates. Korea to Singapore, my travel continues and I learn from culture, lifestyle and food from all over the world.

I learned many things while traveling these countries, and I am continuing to do so, now travelling Nepal whenever I have time and learning diverse culture within the country. Currently, based in the heart of the capital city Kathmandu, Nepal.