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Bronze art is an amazing and art that is famous in Nepal. Nepali art of the different periods reflects various aspects of the society in the different stages of its development. Originality in the form and the content on a whole shows the development of a civilization with its unique qualities. In the following lines attempts are made to take account of salient features of Nepali strong sculpture, bronze art, wood art and paintings of different ages. 

Religion has played an important role for development of art of the old age, middle age and even some aspects of the modern age and even some aspects of the modern art cannot be seen in isolation from the religion. In fact religious fervor has inspired the artistic creation. Some aspects of Nepali art manifested in the making of things of religious importance are described in the blog devoted to pilgrimage. So, some points are not brought under discussion in order to avoid repetition. 

The history of bronze art is not as old as that of stone sculptures. Descriptions of the Chinese visitors and some of the coins of the Lichhavi period hint that the development of bronze art in the early Lichhavi period or  even before to the Lichhavi regime. 

Bronze Art

Some of the oldest metal images of Nepal are kept at the museums of los angelas and boston of the USA. The most impratnt among them are the 9th century image of Padmapani Avolokisteshwor and Budddha in the meditateive pose. 

Nepal witnessed weight development in the field after the Lichhavi period. The images of stars related with buddhism, avalokiteshwor, buddha, Padhmasambhar, Dipankar, Vishnu, Laxmi, Indra, Ganesh, Bhairav and Kuber were made in the middle age. 

Two methods of making metal images were used in the period. One is the lost wax process and the other is the method of modeling thin metal sheets. 

Both the methods were used in making religious as well as secular images. In this age, a significant addition to the store of image was made. That is the design of the images in the tantric mode. Various deities with several hands and other symbolic icons were made in the trend. Furthermore, bronze images of the period have certain special features that distinguish them from the stone images of the same age. The most remarkable features are: long eyes, clear and distinct eyebrows, imposing ornaments and the use of gaudy color. 

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