Mid-West to KeyWest: Half a Month Road Trip to “The Sunshine State”

“And the best the memories is making them”

It was December 2013, I precisely remember that cold winter, the sun was shining, however my weather app. On my iPhone was showing it was going to snow that night. Then, I remember  5 friends, were eagerly waiting for it to be 5am, so that we can take off, cheating the chilly morning in Kansas, run away to the sunshine state, Florida.

 Excitement was in our hearts,  26 hours worth of drive, we were doing something we all had never done before, a long road trip. It was a  road trip from the mid-west town to 13 days trip in our rented sedan, off we went to celebrate our Christmas and New Year in the “Sunshine State”, all the way to  Orlando, Daytona and to Key West Florida. Those beach walk, with sandy toes and salty kisses. We even prepared an itinerary on what we could come across and the list of places to visit at our pit-stops. Long road trips would be fun and excitement when you are with the best company. Our road trip trail from Kansas- Missouri- Iowa- Illinois- Georgia- Orlando, Florida. It was may be trying to cover almost all the state or the border that we have to cross, we wanted set our footsteps on each step. Visiting Georgia Aquarium, where thousands of species of fish and other aquatic creatures are preserved and the dinner at the top floor on the Sun-Dial restaurant. Amazingly designed, 360 view of Atlanta from a top of a restaurant. What a beautiful place it was!

Going to the fun theme park, the universal studios in Orlando, Florida. The best part about this city is its weather. Even in the mid December, the weather is so beautiful, felt like you taking the walk on the street. This city made me remember my hometown which I had not visited in more than 6 years. After the time in Orlando, it was time to go to the beautiful South-beach, Miami. The beautiful scene, people taking a sun-bath and others surfing on the sea. I wanted to built my beach house and live there forever. The walk along the warm water on a sunny day made me forget all about the snowfall in Kansas. The beach made me want to welcome the New Years 2014 with the enthusiasm. I was already feeling the coming year was going to be an adventurous year. 

Going back home to the cold, snowing Wichita, KS from the beautiful Sunshine State we choose a route Miami- Orlando- Alabama- Nashville, Tennessee- Kentucky-  Arkansas- Oklahoma back to our home Kansas. We brought back the excitement and all the thrills from our half of a month trip back to our homes and stays in our hearts!




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