Pilgrimage to Visit- Part 1


The Stups of Swoyambhunath is located on a hillock nearly two miles west of the city of Kathmandu. Swoyambhu means Self Existent One. The Stupa was given the name because of the belief existing among the people that Adibuddha appeared on this own accord from among the lotus in this place.

A prayer wheel encircles the Stups of Swoyambhu with the incarnation OM Manipadme Hum inscribed on it. There are four images of Adhibuddha in all four directions of the Stupa. A square projection surmounts the Stupa. This projection has a piroshki’s of unwinking eyes with a peculiar nose below on its all four sides. Buddhist religious scriptures describe them as Tantradi, Mandtadi and Yantradi which are supposed to operate the whole universe. This square projection is crowned by tympanums and thirteen sings. Each of the tympanums bears the image of Adhibuddha and the thirteen rings indicate of thirteen heavens.

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Jala Vinayak

The temple of Wala Vinayak is situated at Chovar, on the right bank of Bagmati on the way to Dakshinkali. A huge boulder which enshrines the place is regarded as Ganesh, the elephant headed son of Shiva and Parvati. People come here to pay homage to this deity for the success in their lives. Historians are of the opinion that the design of the temple belongs to the 17th century.


The temple of Baghbhairava is located at Kirtipur, an ancient city in the south of Kathmandu. the image of Bhairava in the form of Baga(tiger) enshrines the sanctum of the 16th-17th century rectangular. 3 storey pagoda style temple. There are conspicuously ancient stone images of different shape and size in the spacious courtyard of the temple. In addition ferro paintings of the first storey is full of painting based on different stories.

This Article and upcoming posts are extracted from the book, TOURIST INFORMATION DIRECTORY, 1997. by my Late Father Journalist, Sociologist & Anthropologists, Er. Ramesh Chandra Bandhu Bhattarai.


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