Places Around Kathmandu


It is a huge green field situated at the centre of the city Kathmandu. Rama Park, the open Air Theaters and Royal Nepal Army Pavillion are at one side and on the other side th(7earc Army Headquarters and Dasharath S tad i um (Dashrath Rangashalaj).

Mahankal Sthan:

Situated on the western side of Tudhikhel.Mahankal sthan preserves the ancient pagoda style temple of Mahankala with the huge image of Mahankala inside it. Appreciation of this fine example of ancient art and architecture is a reward in itself.

Dharahara and Sundhara

Dharahara means tower. This 59.29 m. tow built in 1838 AD by the then Prime Minister ” was Bhimsen Thapa. This tall tower is also town as Bhimsen Stamhha. Now the tower is not open for the public for the reasons related with the safety of the place. Sundhara, golden water fountain, ,as also made by the same person around the same period and is situated at the foot of the tower.
The place can be approached very easily as it is in the main city area near send Gate Bus park.

Said Gate (Martyr’s Memorial) 

This monument at an important place of the city was built to honour the memory of four martyrs, Shukra Raj Shastri, Dharma Bhakta, Ganga Lal and Dasarath Chand, who sacrificed :heir lives to bring an end to the autocratic Rana regime. The autocratic arch of Sahid Gate contains the images of the martyrs and late king Tribhuvan, the Father of Nation.

Bhadrakali Temple

Situated at the eastern edge of Tundikhel, this temple contains the image of Bhadrakali (one of the many forms of Bhagawati). This temple is also called Lumarhi temple and is regarded as one of the main Bhagawati temples of Kathmandu.

Singha Durbar 

Singha Durbar is a gorgeous palace built is Leo-classical style . The place was once the private property ot Rana Prime – Ministers and now it houses the Secretariat of His Majesty’s Government of Nepal and the Parliament. Some years ago some parts of the imposing palace were destroyed by fire, however, complete restoration was made immediately afterwards.

Narayanhiti Durbar

Narayanhiti Durbar is the Royal Palace of Nepal. It is named after the famous water spont, Narayanhiti. Nepalese citizen can see the interior area of the palace on Monday’s and foreigners can see it on Thursdays.

Keshar Mahal

To the west of the Royal Palace stands Keshar Mahal, a palace built in Leo-classical style. The interior area of the palace presents a view of the interior decoration and structure of Rana palaces. The building now houses an impressive library with very good collection of books and manuscripts and the Ministry of Education and Culture is located inside the premises. It remains closed on the government holidays and on Saturdays.

Balaju Water Garden

The water garden of Balaju is situated five kilometers north-west of Kathmandu at the foot of Nagarjun hill. The garden, Mahendra Park and famous 22 water spouts dating from the mid-eighteenth century from a wonderful sight. There is also a swimming pool.

Buses to Balaju can be found at the bus park near Baghbazar.


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