Twin Peaks, Golden Gate Bridge, SFO, and all the love in California

California has been one of the favorites of many tourists from all over the world. The surfers at the beach and known for a laid back life, California has been dream of a lot of younger generations. From the casinos in wild Las Vegas to the city where all the magic happens, Hollywood, this state has been able to become dream come true for many. Although, there are wildfires and disasters, California seems to always bounce back to the challenging natural disaster.

Golden gate bridge is one of the best places to visit in the world. It is considered as one of the wonders in the world. Driving over the pacific ocean and to be able to enjoy the view through the 1.6 mile long suspension bridge surely takes your breath away. Enjoying the walk along the bridge, taking a moment to soak it all in and smile at the sunset is also one of the best parts of the walk. Locals, tourists and passerby enjoy every single moment and the view of the pacific ocean is surely one of the wonders in the world.

Driving through the steep uphill and the thrill is another feeling while reaching the twin peak always would be one of the best parts of California. Once you reach this peak, the clouds starts kissing your face and cool breeze would wrap you around like you are meeting your best friend after a decade. The view of the city, lights everywhere would be one of the best things when you are up in the hill. To leave the chaos of the city and to be able to enjoy the clean air and to wonder how life would be if you were to just leave the city life. The feeling is unbeatable

California always seems to be laid back, if you live in the suburbs like Napa Valley and Sonoma, you will always feel close to the nature, away from the city and the crowds. Napa valley famous for the varieties of wine, driving in the morning in a beautiful Sonoma valley, and enjoying a little joy of the water dew on the leaves. This place do not fail to surprise anybody who visits the west coast. If you are visiting the U.S. do not miss the best of the places and do not miss out on California.



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