Universal Studio Fun and the roller coaster rides in Orlando,Florida

Ever got on a roller-coaster thinking it could be your last day? I have, every single time. No matter how scared I am to get on the roller-coaster, I equally love the adrenaline rush. I was on a vacation with few of my friends, we decided to drive to Florida. According to our vacation itinerary, as planned, we were supposed to go to Universal Studios in Orlando.1181_10152425911880301_1272977152_n

Starting with the theme parks where we went to different shows in several theatres, which were   entertaining. We continued to watch from one to another, the acting and the show they put were wonderful and worth watching! It is amazing how different target audience can do different things. For instance, if teenagers want to go to the rides they may choose to go on the one side and  parents  can actually enjoy their time at the theaters at the universal studios.

As much as I enjoyed those shows, I was eagerly waiting to go to the roller-coaster rides at the park. Although, I had been to Branson, Missouri and been at the park and tried many roller coaster, nothing can beat the ones in the Universal studios. Nothing can beat the “hulk ride” and the “free fall”. When you find out that the incredible hulk has height of 110 feet, drop 105 feet, you already get butterfly in your stomach. And it rides for 67 mph i.e 108 Km/hr for 3,700 feet. All these specification made me scared and excited all at once. I was thinking to myself, what if there is a malfunction in your roller coaster? After watching series of “Final destination”, you actually get all those thoughts, of getting thrown from 105ft height riding at 67 miles per hour. Dang!



I sat on the incredible hulk, I dont know if I was lucky or not so lucky, I happen to got to sit in the front seat! The moment it was beginning to start, I was assuming it would be like every other roller coaster, slow 5mph in the beginning and then it will speed up later. However, to my surprise, it was not like every other roller coaster, it was only slow for a few seconds inside the tunnel. It did progress from slow to fast, instead, from starting itself it was speeding. I held on to the cover thinking, even if there is a malfunction while it is running, I will be safe if I hold on to the seat. Funny as it may sound, if I were to die that day I would have. But it was one hell of a roller-coaster ride that I have sat down on and enjoyed the feeling in my stomach. Those few minutes was the most exciting moment on one roller coaster.

Moreover, it was those few minutes on the incredible hulk that still gives me butterfly on my stomach,  it was one of those most exciting time in my college days. It does not matter if it is Dr. Doom’s Freefall or rip ride rockit, every time I think of it, I feel, I did it when I was younger. I was courageous for those adventures. So, do all those fun activities and make your heart beat fast when you are younger because once you are older, you will not have that courage.



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