Woman: The Most Superior and Powerful of All

Its actually not difficult to be a woman, yet it is! I feel blissful that I am born as a woman. I smile, laugh till my stomach hurts, cry a river and love like it would be the last day I will see you. However, when I listen to young, older ladies, I am stunned sometimes. How come after living significant number of your life, you can think of yourself as the inferior human being?

Women are capable of so much, yet, this society or the social norms, whatever they call it, make you stop from living your life. They tell you hide your miseries and wear the make up of smile and keep your heart broken stories to yourself. I am not saying you have to go out there and rant about your feeling to every stranger you meet along the way. But, why is it so difficult for everyone to understand that, if other people have opinion about you who has nothing to do with your life, why can you not have opinion about them. Despite the fact, those people who have opinion about ladies are not even those who pay their bills or take care of their children. We juggle a lot of things in the 17-18 hours we are up and awake. So, why there are still things that will pull you down and not let you live your life and do what your heart wants to. Not only you can live and do whatever makes you happy, you can also run an organization, perhaps, run the country.

To all the ladies, I have one advice, if they are not your mother or sister, who you obviously know you more than anyone else they are hindrance to all goodness that you deserve. Your flatmates’ opinion or your neighbor opinion could be flushed down to the toilet. You can smile at people who do not get into your business, unless you what them into your business. Matter of fact, you can keep your life as private as you want and live your life the way you want to.

I have a very supportive, loving and caring family. Moreover,  smart, intelligent and hardworking family members specially, ladies at my home, who are extremely strong and independent. However, I see those who give me the best advice stumble upon their own thoughts sometimes, worry about things they do not ever have to when it happens to their life. Sometimes we might feel we are not as strong, perhaps, when you realize the taste of your own medicine is never sweet. Yet, you appear to be the strongest and make the lady who is having a rough time and make them stronger than they believe in themselves.

Ladies, lets put our hands together and let our inferiority not lead us to the path we never want any of our daughters or sisters to go through. Nonetheless, life might get difficult sometimes, but its ok to taste your own medicine. Live and let live! After all, we would not take hatred and ego on our deathbed.



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