Working my life away

The Work Life:

Extremely amazing!

It is a new stage of life, you are excited, nervous and learning new things about yourself and how the reality works. It is fun, full of challenges, new things to deal with everyday. Learning by doing. People have expectations from you and they do not take “NO” of an answer! Something that is handed to you, expectations are,  you should give in 110% of your effort and give 200% results.

It might look all fancy to sit on  your chair all day, gazing at your computer screen and get the work done! But the fact is all you are doing is hurting your back and your eyes, because work finishes in no time and all you are doing is fooling everyone around you and pretending you are working so hard and giving 300% when you are expected to give only 200%. Listening to the latest Taylor Swift, Blank Space or Maroon5, Sugar until you are sick and tired of the song.

Perhaps, watch informative videos posted on TED or perhaps read the blogs or a newspaper articles from NYtimes. Better yet! there are series on the office desktop and even watch 40 minutes long Game of Thrones, or Once upon a Time or 20 minutes long Big Bang Theory or Friends.

Well! the point is to avoid all the attention from the people who can assign you more assignments that is due by the end of the day. But the real question is cheating the employers and your supervisors what do you get in return for hurting your back and your eyes?


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