6 reasons to live in Dubai

The typical stereotype always hits when someone has thoughts about the better option to be a go-getter! We want better lives for ourselves, earn money, provide the quality life for our children, and even help out parents if they ever need from us. However, the typical stereotype about working in gulf countries still exists.

6  reasons why you should quit the entire stereotype and consider Dubai:

  1. Career Opportunities and Business Hub

Many freshers from all over the world has clustered in a small city Dubai for their better future. Not only it provides and opportunity to work from freshers and experienced professionals, Dubai is also a big market for investors and partners. People from all over the world invest in a business they believe in Dubai. This place gives a second chance to reboot your career, even your life. Dubai is also most advanced in technology and city planning.Dubai is big on solar power, and is even building a sustainable city that will harness all its energy from the sun. Everything in Dubai is done online making it easy and convenient to get things done. Just download an app which has eliminated the hassle of these small but annoying everyday tasks.

  1. Safety and Freedom

When it comes to safety, you will see the cameras on each and every streets, highways, parks and about anywhere. Less of crimes and more of safety. It is not like when you leave your bags, phones and valuables at a park unattended, the moment you turn around its gone. Although cameras in every streets sound like someone is creeping around you all the time and stalking you all the time. However, the safety it provides from each corner and knowing your family is safe and protected.

  1. Affordable living and luxury lifestyle

If you land up in a good company, the living can be affordable and you can enjoy the luxurious lifestyle of Dubai. From marina beach to living in the Jhumeria beach residence, from partying out by the beach to the indoor clubs, from hiking the mountains to going on a bike ride with friends, Dubai has it all for all age group and people from any country. Also, the emirates is tax free country. So, Dubai’s tax free salaries combined make it one of the best places to live in the world. Not only do salaries go untaxed, food, restaurants, and all other goods are untaxed as well. This saves people a huge amount of money.

  1. Activities and Events

This place has so many activities and events to offer. Not only for the people who reside here, but also, for the people who just visiting. There are mountains a few kilometers away from the city close to Oman or Ras al Khaimah, where the spectacular view from mountain worth to watch.

5. Proximity to Everything

For the frequent traveller, Dubai is the perfect place to live, as it is situated between Asia and Europe. Dubai is the middle to some of the world’s most amazing destination that is few hours away.

6. Learning Culture From all over the World.

Most of the emirates is populated with expats from all over the world. Moving to Dubai offers opportunity to learn amazing things about cultures, religions and countries. This is one of the best places to break the stereotypes of the gulf countries. The city consists from green parts to the lofty malls for window shoppers and fashionistas.

There are many other reasons to consider Dubai to be your next home. From fun activities, countless restaurants, activities and events, this place has a lot to offer.


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