Airports: A Different Side of Travels

“Traveling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” ―Ibn BattutaThe most wonderful experience in life comes when you see the world. You do not always necessary have to travel the parts of world to actually know the world. It comes with life experience. Life can be a roller-coaster ride to some people. It just depends on how you welcome everything and embrace the bad and make good out of everything.If you are a traveller, you can relate to things that happen at the airports.

Personally, I have always hated airports; it is one of the most depressing places. While people see it differently, all the smiling faces when u receive someone after months or even years wait. Moreover,  due to circumstances, people might have left their home, friends and family for a long time and has never really been there to help them or support them. However, what hurts the most at the airport are the “goodbyes”. Goodbyes are one of those things, which make everybody sad. Saying it to the near and dear ones, to the loved ones, parents, hometown and everything that makes you who you are. Without certainty, people leave their family, friends and their home; never knowing if you actually to see them again. This could be cruel to even think if you would be able to see them again or not! However, sometimes there are situations and circumstances where you cannot really do anything and can really not do anything about it.

Although, there is sadness at the airports, a lot of people are in tears on separating with their loved ones. This is also a place where the hugging has deeper meaning, of coming home, meeting the family and friends after some time and the place of the new beginnings. Landing at the place where you always wanted to land, opening the gates for the better and brighter future. Places you always want to visit and explore the world. It is a beginning of some other beginning’s end. Travelling to the places to know you better and understand culture, food and get a new perspective in life. It teaches you to be grateful for all the things, circumstances you have taken for granted. Travelling always leaves you speechless and give you experience of lifetime.


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