Changu Narayan Temple

To the north of Bhaktapur, on the hillock of Dolagiri, at an altitude of 5000ft.stands the famous temple of Changu Narayana, one of the oldest temples of Nepal. his temple has great historical and archeological significance. the temple was originally constructed around 464 AD, by Manadev a famous Lichchhavi King Temple preserves the most authentic and the oldest ever inscription ascertained to have been set up by Manadev.

In addition, images installed in and around the temple show the flory and charm of the age that took pride in artistic stone sculpture as well as the height of cultural development. The images of Narayana Garuda (Narayana’s conveyance), Ganesh, Narisimha and Vishworupa installed here are important from the point of view of aesthetics as well as from the point of view of religion.

Another single story temple of Chhinnamasta Devi stands near the temple of Changu Nrayana. The architectural design of this single story temple is similar to that of Rajrajeshwori temple of Pashupatinath area.

This Article and upcoming posts are extracted from the book, TOURIST INFORMATION DIRECTORY, 1997. by my Late Father Journalist, Sociologist & Anthropologists, Er. Ramesh Chandra Bandhu Bhattarai.


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