From Glaciers to the Plain Terai: River Adventure

Originating from snowy peaks, cutting the gorge of higher mountains, river of Nepal flow to the plain land of Terai fanning the fascinating views, in the beautiful country Nepal. River rafting in Nepal is a venture but an adventurous and interesting water sport. Tourists, expediters along with local people, enjoy to the fullest, in the river, rafting in Nepal sitting on the rubber boats on the perennial running water. A river trip is often an adventure but not always. In a country like Nepal, river trip is one of the best ways to explore a typical cross section of the country’s natural as well as ethnic-culture. A river trip also provides opportunity for geological surveys, swimming, fishing and exploring new species of living and non-living things. Moreover, without the guidance of local boaters or the representatives from the river rafting agencies is supposed to be dangerous. 

The following three river systems for commercial rafting, which are often used in Nepal

1. Saptakoshi River System (East Nepal) 

2. Narayani or Saptagandaki River System (Central Nepal)

3. Karnali River System (West Nepal) 

Eight rivers in the three river systems are open for tourists for river rafting. A special permit is required for anyone who wishes to raft in these rivers.

1. Arun.                                                           2. Bheri 

3. Kaligandaki                                                 4. Karnali 

5. Seti                                                              6. Sunkoshi 

7. Tamakoshi                                                  8. Trishuli 

River Arun

Starting from Kartikeghat, six days’ river trips ends at Chatara. River Arun is one of the biggest rivers, which could be reached from Tumlingtar, after a trek. To reach Tumlingtar, it requires either one-hour flight from Kathmandu or a daylong bus drive. The trip then starts at Kartikegliat and goes on rafting along different places. Hitting many big and small exciting rapids. On the sixth day, the trip ends at Chatara. The crewmembers then can return to Kathmandu by a daylong drive from Chatara via Biratnagar or fly out from Biratnagar to Kathmandu. 

River Bheri

Starting from Samjhighat to ChiSapani, rafti Bheri river takes four days long trip. To reach Samjht should either take a d rect flight from Kathmandu to Ne and then a four hour drive from Nepalgunj to Sarni,’ should distance km. journey by Next morning. ‘SiciaPriroimirs::hh; big rapid Kamek Kuine, e fourth da trip endsb day Chisapani, confluent Bheri rivers. The can continued jungle to the R 

Bardia wildlife reserves. 

River Kaligandaki

It is a long, eight days’ trip starting at Modibe ending at Narayanghat. The trip requires either a 30 flight or six hour drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara. trekking towards Modibeni, a drive of approximately o a half hour is required to reach Naudanda from Pokh, and half day long trekking from Naudanda takes Yb Modibeni via K ar kineta. The river trip then starts atModt. The river trip goes along way through Ridi Bazaar. Palace, Ramdighat, Batulitar, Khalte, etc., with .11.nY and small rapids and the trip ends at Devghat near Nan! on 8th day. After lunch at Devghat, the confluence Trishuli and 

River Karnali

It is a six day nap that starts at N and ends at pani. To reach khet, it requires a direct tight or a drive from trnandu to anagar(SurIchet) two days long trek. river trip then starts khet and after six x ends at Chisapani. one can return mandu by a day bus journey or the continues with de tour in the Royal Bardiya Wildlife reserve. 


It is a two-day river trip that starts at  Damuli, about 160km. West of Kathmandu and ends at Narayanghata. In Damauli, the trip starts in Setikhola, a tributary of Saptagandaki River.  The trip goes through the forested area and the villages inhabitaed by Magars. The trip is exciting with so moany encounters of big and small rapids. On the second day afternoon, the trip ends at Devghat where the Kaligandaki joins the Trishuli and becomes narayani. 


It is one of the longest river adventures of nine days trip. The most common point of this trip is Dolalghat, three hours drive east of Kathmandu. The trip is through the rich color and varied rock formatons, different villages of different tribesmen with many exciting small and large rapids. One can have opportunities to look various species of orchids and birds en route. The trip goes on rafting for nine days camping on different places and on the ninth day, the trip ends at Chaim. The nearest c ity from Chatara is Dharan that takes about 45 minutes while driving. One can return Kathmandu by a 45 minute’s flight from Biratnagar (city near Dharan) or by a day long drive from Dharan or Biratnagar. A Sunkoshi River Trip can be started at Lamosangu. 


This is the longest river trip, ten days’ rivers ra [ling in Nepal, starting from Basti near Jiri and ends at Chatara, the ending point of Su nkoshi river trip… can reach Basti by a day long bus from Kathmandu to Jiri and a short distance trek. The trip reaches Dolalghat after two days and aftereight days the trip reaches Chatara same as in a Su n koshi river trip. This trip is the must  adventurous and dangerous.


This is most popular river trip in Nepal, because of its a,„(.ssibility by road along its major pans. The trip starts at Baireni about two hours drive from Kathmandu. The trip goes below the Prithvi HighWay with many exciting rapids via Gajuri, Charaundi and ends at Kitting!. atter three days. Kuringhat is a small picturesque village about four hour drive r 0 rt., Kathmandu. However. continues up to Royal Chitwan National Park up depending upon time and choie but ventures. 


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