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Vivaha Panchami Festival

Vivaha Panchami festival falls on late November or early December. It is celebrated to commemorate the memory of the marriage of Sita and Ram, direct incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The purpose of the incarnation was to kill Ravana, the ten headed demon and this marriage have special significance in the Hindu mythology as Ravana- according to Ramayana was to kidnap Sita (consort of Ram).

Janakpur, where the temples of Ram and Sita are situated, is crowded by thousands and thousands of pilgrims. On the first day of the week-long festival, they dress the idol of Ram as a bridegroom and carry it on the back of a caparisoned elephant to the temple of Sita. The next day her enactment of Hindu wedding ceremonies. Not only the Nepalese but also the pilgrims from India in large numbers take part in the procession. 

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This Article and upcoming posts are extracted from the book, TOURIST INFORMATION DIRECTORY, 1997. by my Late Father Journalist, Sociologist & Anthropologists, Er. Ramesh Chandra Bandhu Bhattarai.


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