Indulge the top destination in Nepal: Lumbini

Lumbini, Birthplace of Gautam Buddha

Lumbini, Situated, about 11km 265 km of Kathmandu. Lumbini is a significant place of pilgrimage of worldwide fame. The place is famous in the world wing to the fact that Buddha was born in 623 BC. in this very place. The place gained its religious historical significance after the Mahaparinirvana of Tathagatha Buddha.

Many stupas, temples and statues were made to honor his sacred memory and the place became a pilgrimage site long before 1312 AD. Research works of archeologists and the treaties written by renowned Chinese travellers of ancient times like Fa-Hien, Yuan- Chwang and Bukung also reveal the same fact.

Ashokn pillar, Image of Mayadevi (Buddha’s Mother) and the sacred pond attract devotees and research scholars from different parts of the world. In addition archeologists have excavated remains of many Stupas, images, temples and place that shed light on Buddha’s life and his message, which teaches the lesson of world peace and fraternity.

This place can be easily approached as Bhairahawa is linked with Kathmandu by both land and air and Lumbini is 11 kilometers away from Bhairahawa. 

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This Article and upcoming posts are extracted from the book, TOURIST INFORMATION DIRECTORY, 1997. by my Late Father Journalist, Sociologist & Anthropologists, Er. Ramesh Chandra Bandhu Bhattarai.


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