New Year New Beginning: Happy New Year 2017

New Year, New Beginning! Most of us start our year with this mantra and for some its just another day. No matter how you want to start your year, a piece of advice, start with a positive note, forget what had happened yesterday and move on with your life.

Hoping this new year to be one of a kind, feel positive and in my heart I know it will be one great year.  Since, emirates always has a lot to offer in city of life, Dubai, I saw an amazing fireworks, that stunned and wowed not only me but also thousands of locals and immigrants who were present there. Burj Khalifa has never failed to impress its local residents and the tourists. Yet again, on the New Years eve, the fireworks at the tallest architecture has impressed thousands of people. That sparkle in the sky, those crackers and the background music, along with the beautiful color created by fireworks the timing was exquisite. This year my New Year started in the heart of the city at Burj Khalifa, the tallest structure in the world.

Hundreds of people had gathered to watch the fireworks at the tallest landmark. I have watched fireworks at many places, however, this marks as one hell of a fireworks. People had waited hours near the area for few minutes of fireworks.The timing, engineering and the combination was not only appealing to eyes, with the perfect timing it made everyone look in to the sky at the fireworks.To sum it all, it was all worth waiting for. Not one observer had their eyes away from the fireworks for a seconds. Some were enjoying the fireworks and watching them, others were recording on their cameras and smart phones.

With the new light and new day, another year has started.  The tallest building stranded tall as the lights sparked from the building. The heart of the city, Dubai and the tallest architecture of the world, never fails to impress the hundreds that had gathered to watch the beautiful fireworks.

Happy New Year 2017 to everyone!



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