People: Different, yet so similar!

Wherever you go, anywhere  you choose to live in, whatever country you are destined to be, there are differences in culture, different language, food, laws and policies, however, you will always see people. People  are everywhere. Their facial structure, ethnicity, economic background, rich or poor, everyone has heart that loves with tenderness, has feelings and thoughts that wants to be considered. Over the years, I have traveled several countries, I am fond of learning different culture, religion and various life-style and believe, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do!”.

Starting my journey from my lovely hometown, Nepal, I have spent time with people from different caste and creed, tasted their food, participated in their festivities. I have learnt different cultural values from my friends in the neighbouring country India to Pakistan, Jamaica, North-America, South America, Arabic and many more. They might be different in their own way but they are all people, with hearts and souls. There is so much love for others, care for those who need it, and respect for those everyone else. They also feel pain, some of their hearts filled with hatred and carry on with ego, when they are hurt. We are all humans, we cry when we are hurt, and we smile when we are happy. It solely depends on each individual how they react to things and not from their ethnicity or background. When you travel, you do not necessarily have to always seek for the difference in culture, food, you get the luxury of discovering things which you are unaware of.

Life has given you an abundant opportunity in different forms, you still get smile in the exchange of smile and love in return of love. If we treat this world as a country then all we see is people with different personalities,  yet they are all the same. They feel hurt if they are in agony, they feel pleasure when they are at their happy zone.

Moreover, everyone in this universe thrive to live, laugh and love, with unique interest. We are passionate about things we love and absolutely despise, with things that does not touch our heart. Everybody enjoys the luxurious life, wants to achieve great things. Everybody enjoys  every bit of their success, everybody sets goals in life and work hard for themselves or do it for someone who they are passionate about. Thought of being lonely kills everyone. Everybody wants to feel loved. Everybody wants to be around people they know, places they know. Nobody likes the feeling of being lonely.

Change is excruciating. We all always want surround ourselves familiar things to stay in our comfort zone and never pop the bubble. We thrive to be successful and be loved. We all want to leave a signature in this world. No matter what part of the world you to go  or the god you see happiness, hospitality, love, respect, friends and family.  Along with it, we also see negative traits, ego, hurt, pain, hate, anger and suffering. World is one place and we are all the same one way or the other.

Instead of finding difference in culture and religion, seek for abundance of life in everything filled with joy and happiness. We are all made of the same elements. You might be from a same community but you probably do not think the same. Even twins might think different, they are fed the same thing, they have the same parents. After all, your community and culture do not define how you behave with other.


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  1. December 19, 2016

    I do not know how i came across this blog but it was wroth reading for unknown reason. Good one. keep onwriting.

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