Shivapuri National Park, Kathmandu Nepal

Oh yes! it is monsoon. It rains heavily and you might want to curl up in your bed read your favorite Nicholas Sparks novel and fall in love with the soft blanket. While watching out the window, each raindrop make you want to fall in love with yourself. However, mother nature is making that call, and you want to go to the waterfall and enjoy the water drops on your skin.


The clear skies after the rainbow makes you want to fall in love with the mother nature and everything she has to offer to us. A place few minutes away from the noisy crowd of Kathamndu. A clear beautiful skies on hiking for only 2 hours is worth the view.

This view is of the Sundarijal Waterfall in Shivapuri National Park in Kathmandu, Nepal is worth the time and the adventurous hike.



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  1. July 20, 2016

    This sounds absolutely amazing, especially if the pictures are anything to go by!

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