The Pumpkin Carving, Halloween it is!

I see pumpkins on sale at walmart, people start to make decorate their house and making it look scary! I was wondering why on earth anyone even do such things. Why are the fancy clothes on sale at the mall? In 2007, my first year in America, I had seem many things including this fun one, Halloween!

Halloween holds different importance for different people. For kids its more about getting dressed up in a different outfits and going to the neighbors homes for “trick or treat”. Decorating the house with all kinds of decorations and try to make your own home look like a haunted house, carving the pumpkin in different shapes and enjoy this day.

Different diversity celebrate Halloween for completely different reason. For instance, I am from Nepal, a Newar community celebrate a similar kind of a festival and it is called “Gai Jatra”. I have found out, Gai Jatra celebrated in Nepal  holds similar importance how Hispanic people celebrate Halloween.

Although, I do not belong to any of these communities, for me it was also a way to celebrate, wear an outfit that I would never wear to my work and show my creativity at pumpkin carving event. Living in a diverse community lets you enjoy not only the food and festivities, it also teaches  you how things are done differently in every single community and its cultural significance.

My experience of pumpkin carving was a wonderful and I got to dress-up like a witch with a long pointy black hat, long nails and a deep dark eye-shadow around my friends and family. Going out for trick or treat with my sister and her kids. Its chilly in November but how it brings family, friends and neighborhood together.


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