Where is your next Shopping Weekend Trip? Perhaps, Consider Dubai!

Weather you are planning to move to Dubai, or coming for a mini vacation. There are must go for all your shopping needs. Have you consider Dubai for all your shopping needs? There are numerous shopping malls in Dubai. From the worlds largest mall to the world largest theme mall, Dubai has the world class shopping centers in the world.

Dubai alone has more than 60 shopping malls in the city, some smaller ones and some are the world largest malls. Here are the few malls that are worth visiting when you spend time in the Emirates for a weekend or if you are residing in Dubai. The best part is  you could reach all these malls mentioned in this post via metro.

Mall of the Emirates, Largest indoor family entertainment: Mall of the Emirates is the multi-level shopping mall that features many retail outlets, restaurants and cafes, luxury stores and flagship shops. This mall hosts family leisure activities like Middle East’s first indoor ski resort and snow park i.e. Ski Dubai, which is the largest indoor family entertainment centers in Dubai.

The mall was opened in November 2005 and it was named the World’s Leading New Shopping Mall. It is also one of the top five shopping malls in Dubai. The main feature in this mall are shopping, entertainment, ski-dubai, vox-cinemas, magic-planet and dining.

Marina Mall: Dubai Marina Mall is the nearest mall from Dubai Maria which is an artificial canal city. Dubai Mariana is inspired by the concord Pacific Place development along False Creek in Vancouver, Canada. This mall is close to the Jhumiera Beach Residence, has many retail outlets, restaurants and cafe. The entrance has a beautiful dome, that has Christmas lights making the mall the beautiful right when you enter.

The IBN Battuta Mall, World Largest Themed Mall: IBN Battuta is the world’s largest themed shopping mall, named after the famous Moroccan Traveller and Scholar, IBN Battuta., who was well known for his great travels. This wonderful mall is a large shopping mall, that can also be reached via. metro. It has shops,  restaurants, cinema. The mall consists of 6 different courts, the featured countries or themes are, China, Egypt, Persia, India, Andalusia and Tunisia. The designs of each courts are designs are inspired by some of the countries visited by the Moroccan traveler.

Dubai Mall, World’s Largest Mall: Dubai Mall is the worlds largest shopping mall and the perfect definition of “shop till you drop”. With amazing brands from all over the world, new stylists designs from deals to sale at almost many stores, Dubai Mall is the perfect place to be for all your shopping needs. The Dubai Mall can be reached via. metro that connects you to the largest mall of the world. This city is already beautiful, with things to do and places to go. With the tallest structure in the worlds and the dancing fountain that plays songs from all over the world. I was stunned by the availability of every single brands from all over the world in this mall, from Starbucks, Forever 21, Hollister, Armani, Gucci, everything is available under one roof. This mall also have fun and adventure sports for family and children. Ice Skating. Who would have thought that in a deserted place like Emirates, ice skating? However, you would find everything under one roof.

Choosing from over 60 outlets could be a big deal, however, these malls are the highlighted malls in the city. There are many places to visit in Dubai and a mall is always close to the place of your residence. Most of the shopping malls have supermarkets and some also has hypermarkets inside the mall. So, not only you can shop, you can also wine and dine at a restaurants with you family and friends, have fun at the arcade, ski and enjoy the whole day at fun filled Dubai.



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