An afternoon at Jumeriah Lake Towers

Millions of thoughts gushed through my head because when I was on the metro, sitting down looking at the offices in the Dubai Internet City, little did I know I was going to be carrying almost 8 pounds on my shoulder. The thoughts that I had when I got off the metro at Jeremiah Lake towers, only thing I saw was the beautiful structure. Those buildings with the curvy ends just like a lady with a coca cola body. It just looked so perfect. I wanted those images on my memory card. The thoughts that gushed into my head all the thoughts that I was thinking when Democrats lost the election of 2016 and the victory speech made by Donald Trump. How in the world, never in my dreams I thought this disrespected person would be the next president of the great country, United States of America.
Never in my wildest dream, I thought this guy would win the election, but things happen! Shitty things really do happen and sometimes it takes a while to flush it down the toilet. Sometimes, it makes take 4 long years or those nightmares could last 8 long years, who knows?
When I spent my youth in the land of the opportunity, I learned a lot about diversity, hopes and dreams of the people, living the American dream. Although, the world went through the depression, I had hopes and expectation for my people and people from all over the world would live the life they wanted to live in America.
Oh wait! My minds are flooding with the thoughts not only thoughts of what will happen to the America in next few years, about me going for a visit to America for next four years. I guess, this hopes and expectation from the greater country shall be put on the side. I was looking at my lovely husband when we were going for his interview at JLT, I was not even ready to come. I wonder! Why on earth he brought me here? Could it be the reason when I told him, I haven’t seen sun in 3 days because I was in the apartment for so many days? And when we were rushing from home, with my half eaten carrot dish, did I even bother to check the battery on my camera bag ? Because that 8 pounds on my shoulder is heavy at the moment, I could do nothing with it, there is no battery in my camera. The buildings are laughing at me, ha ha.. you thought we would be one of your pictures. Look who is making memories now.
I could not find a coffee shop, so I sat outside KFC. Who could have thought you could possibly sit outside KFC and write a piece of article? Ha! I even forgot I had earphones with me. I was listening to the songs that I could not even relate to at the moment. Waiting for my handsome husband to show up after his interview. Listening to the people from my native country and wondering why are they so loud and wondering what those Arab immigrants were giggling at.
All the people who come to this country with the dreams to make life happen and make dream come true May god bless all of them.


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