And you start believing it again….

“LOVE”, such a powerful word. It can bring all the joy in the world to you, take you to cloud9 or just bring the small fragments of the wanted energy and make you feel the most beautiful person on planet!

All the emotions are energy. The energy you feel is what you see everyday around you and only you have the power over how things shall uphold, should you think positive, no matter how terrible things are going on you will only see positive around you otherwise the path is clear. The “secret” is you only get what you think of in life. This universe is made with different kinds of energies, you attract yourself towards what you think about the most. If you focus on negative , you will only get negative, however, if you concentrate in only positive, everything thing around you would be wonderful. Everything around you will go right.

Remember those school days, in physics, we have studied about energy. The first law of thermodynamics is, ” the total amount of energyin the universe is constant”. We had studied in school, “Energy can neither be created nor could be destroyed, however, it can be transferred to different forms”. Indeed! Those were not just the definition, in fact, those were the truth! This was not just a definition, everything we have learned in school actually is used in our everyday lives. Always remember one thing, ” We reap what we sow”. If we give love, we get the same in return, we hate, it is going to come right back at us.

We all have difficult times, choosing many things from young age to adulthood till we are older. For some people, they are surrounded for right mentors and guardians and are able to make mostly right choices in life. Where as some have, doubts, insecurity issues, depressed, suicidal and many things that they should not have been. However, when you look back and connect the dots, the perfect you are at that moment seems to the perfect place. When we realize what it meant then, crying and craving for things that did not deserve their time and attention. However, When once the person understands the power of energy and what we studied in school, absolutely made sense. Things  always happens for a right reason and at the right time. All the questions you had asked is valid! Even before a hurricane there is a silence, and after thunderstorm and rain there is a rainbow.

If we understand the physics and power of energy around us and within us, we will be the happiest people on earth and we will start believing again.



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