Busy Life in the City of Life

Living in a big city had always been my dreams. I wonder if this thought came to me because I grew up in a city. A busy life, busy people who always were getting ready to go to their work, school and the places they need to be. I had a dream of living in New York City when I was in college, however, this thought changed, when I visited my friend who was residing in New Jersey. Only a week in New York and I wanted to run to my comfortable zone of mid western town where life is laid back and slow. I hated traffic and loved a laid back life. Then, I moved to California for a season, lived there and absolutely loved it. California traffic was still chaotic; to cross pass the toll on the golden gate bridge was still a struggle from Sonoma to Hayward to San Jose. Although, it was once week traffic was still vague.
Noway in my widest dreams, I thought I’d pick Dubai as my home. Often times, I hear people say,  if you want to know what is the majority of people live in the city, you reside in, try the public transport, eat like the locals and talk like them. It surely is true, ” When in Rome, be Romans”.  It’s only been a few months that I have left my beautiful hometown. I see the kind of people who live here. Trust me! Life of a commuter is not as fun as it may sound or at least how I pictured in my head. I thought, commuting home to work and vice versa one hour on a train, I’d have time to ponder upon my thoughts, perhaps, time to read my favorite novel at least one hour a day and be in my own zone. It only  remained in my thought, once I saw the crowd of people, rushing through the traffic to get to where they need to get during working hours. The morning rush of people pushing and pulling each other from a compartment to another, never have I ever thought I’d imagine my busy life would be so chaotic.
Somedays I get to see people speaking beautiful accent, the language that I don’t understand, the tone of their voices, how wonderful it is to be able to see so many communities and diversity crowded at one place. I come across people from all over the world. Dubai is not just a business hub, it is in fact home for tourist.  I love everything about this place, culture, activities and people.
Living the dream of living in a big city has perhaps come true for me. I am thrilled to see what more this Emirates has to offer.  Although, the life is fast paced, the first day of the week people are exhausted and they just crave for the quick nap before they reach their workplace. I think to myself, what is this place? Taking a troll on you, yet you live like you are obligated to live here and not give up on your work. Is it the visa status that is keeping you here or the money that you have to make for your family back home? Stressful as it is, you stay away from comfort of your home, come to the foreign land where you do not even get paid what you actually are supposed to get. What is here that is holding you so badly? It is not even comfortable to live here, the tiny space, expensive stuff and every thing that you may “find not so home” here. Yet! You struggle like you belong here.
All that being said, every city has its great qualities and the worst. My experience here has been fun and enjoyable. The best thing about living in a busy city like Dubai is, you cannot live anywhere else. Somehow, it becomes like you belong here and you cannot live anywhere else if you were given a chance to live. There are best and worst about this place but living here for so many years. People might have found it comforting and made this city their home.


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