Celebrating Dashain, The Biggest Festival in Nepal

Dashain or “Badha Dashain” is one of the biggest and most auspicious festival in Nepal. Also, anticipated festival, as people travel back to their hometown, away from their busy life, take a break at least for a few days to be with their family, getting blessing from the elders. The festival has its own cultural significance. Dashain is believed to be celebrated in the honour of a goddess Durga. Dashain symoolizes the victory of good over evil.

In Hindu mythology, when the demon (Mahisasur) created terror for all the Gods and Goddesses in Devlok, Goddess Durga, finally ended the demon on the tenth day, after fighting him for nine days. In different country like India this festival is celebrated differently, and call it navaratri. Different cultures have their own way of celebrating this festival, however, one this is the same and for the same reason. Feast with the delicious food, varieties of food to worshipping by sacrificing animals or dancing 10 days straight to pay the devotion to the goddess. This festival has been popular among Europeans, Africans or Americans. Many people participate in this festival and enjoy it to the fullest.

For past 14 years, I have celebrated this festival differently, partly because I have always lived away from my family for school and work. Been in different part of the world, I see how people gather their families aways from home. Where cast does not matter, all that matters in you are from Nepal and you are Nepalese. People dress up in the cultural outfits, perform on the stage as part of the cultural program and celebrate it with happiness.
I love this festival, not only in Nepal but people living all over the world enjoy and celebrate this festival from all their heart. Gathering around with the family, sharing laughter and happiness, eating all the delicacies and receiving blessing from elders.


When the October chills hit, and you are looking into your wardrobe to keep your feet warm and look for the hoodie in your closet from last year because you have not shopped for any this year. When the leaves on the tree turns brown, gracefully, the tree let go of all the beautiful leaves and flowers. The life of that beautiful summer has ended, to welcome fall and reminding us half of the year is over and it is time to get cozy in your blanket, perhaps, sit by the fireplace after the supper. The beautiful fall weather is upon us. The festival that is a reminder of the beautiful snow and casting of long nights in winter.

13466474_1654804308173471_3835227249206885605_nIt has been 14 years since my mother has gone, during the festivities. I remember her everyday. Dashain is the biggest festival, where everyone celebrates it in honour of the Goddess Durga. But to me its another anniversary of my mother, my Goddess, who gave me life and raised me to be who I am today. I celebrate it away from home, as I like to celebrate how gracefully my mother lived her life, and was always kind to everybody.

Dedicated to my dearest mother, who is always in my heart..


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