Hypocrites, we all! At least at one point in life.

Hypocrites we all are no matter how much we deny and talk about how we follow our principles and hold our ground. When the soil gets muddy we look to find a clean place, when it rains. No matter how much we claim we love to dance in rain, we look for the dry place. Even the highest of all power make an exceptions for someone. Last weekend I went to a place where people go to find peace, away from the crowd, to find themselves and find god. Walking through the gardens and the pavement, those smell of the beautiful blooming flowers, butterflies hopping from one flower to another and beautiful and making the whole garden beautiful was a mesmerizing view.

The major problem in this world is we want everyone to be like ourselves. The core reason why everybody feels threatened is because we want everyone to be what we are. At first we might as well deny, but let me give you an example: a person who is always punctual, expects people to respect his time and their time as well. Anyone who speak with a good grammar wishes people to at least speak a language properly. If we have table manners and we eat like a lady or a gentleman, we expect people to act like the same. However, everyone has their unique individuality and perception on life. Moreover, not everyone is the same but we always say we are not like that.

Once I had an opportunity to visit to a beautiful place at Nagarjuna Hill. There lies a place, Osho Tapoban. I was fascinated by that place, the tranquility of the surrounding, fresh air, perhaps, a best place for meditation.  I walked passed the tombstone like of Osho. It says, was Never Born – Never Died – Only visited this planet Earth between December 11, 1931 and January 19, 1990.Ha! Whoever wrote that probably was in their 50s during 1990s. Are you kidding me? You really believe it?The one who preaches about greater good deeds shall always be the one who follows their own words. Sadly, this world is not as perfect as we think it is. We blindly believe that has actually happened many decades ago and we do not see the same in our own hearts. We do not listen to our family, friends and well-wishers and go against their suggestions to protect our pride.

When someone claims that deer getting attacked and killed by a tiger is brutal. It is not because we have mercy for the weak one, it because the stronger one is not the one we can control. We don’t feel the same when enjoy that extra hamburger topping on our pizza. Oh! What about the pepperoni slices? Do they not just taste great? It is not about how innocent gets killed it is about if we are stronger than the strongest, that’s where our merciful nature kicks in.

We cannot change the world preaching one thing and doing the opposite. A smoker can talk about how they got into it, however, they should not tell others to not smoke. Moreover, we do what we believe is right for us, so, before we persuade people to make a move or change their lifestyle we should take a step back and think before we speak.



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