Jet-Ski,Parasailing & Snorkling in Key-West, Florida

One of those days at the beach and you wonder, what more can you do in life and what more could it be adventurous. What can I try next, when we drove all the way down to the tip of this country to Key-West. I felt like I was at street of Thamel in Kathmandu, by the beach in Kanya-Kumari at the tip in India. My friends checked-in at a hotel room and eagerly waiting for it to be tomorrow morning to go on the cruise for fun and adventurous day.

We had all evening to waste. So, we decided to take a  walk on the strip of Key-West and find things to do. While walking on the street, I could see people from different diversity, crowded at one place. It was towards the end of the year in the cold month of December. People were just hibernating, or taking a vacation on at the only place in that is warmer than other places. Indeed, the sunshine state, Florida!

Key-west, Florida, 2013

“Rise and Shine”, early in the morning, my friend woke me up for the morning. We started to pack our swim-suit, ready to go underwater and explore the aquatic lives. Eagerly, waiting for our boat to arrive at the shore. We checked-in at the counter along with other passengers, out boat sailed and there we were in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, all of us lined up with our life jackets on. It was chilly that afternoon when we grabbed the rope and wore our swim glasses on. After diving into the sea, the beautiful fish came into the light, even algae looked beautiful and the clear, salty sea water, and the aquatic life. The mesmerizing  view in the middle of the Atlantic ocean cannot be compared to anything. Next up on the list was jet-ski, riding in the ocean was one hell of an adventure. I thought riding a jet-ski was similar to riding a scooter on the road. But the feeling was different, the whole experience was exciting. Then, we got on a seat, with parachute on our back, off we went to the sky, sailing in the sky, crushing those clouds.
Finally, we ended our day with the white wine and dinner on the deck, sailing back to the shore. A great day in Key West, was worth all the time in the world. I have memories that I came back home with and all the adventurous snorkeling where I got to see the aquatic lives or sailing up in the sky. Amazing vacation in Key West.


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