Mardi Base Camp Trek, Nepal

The excitement and the thrill of seeing a mountain up close was a dream come true!

Exciting, fun and most important thing adventure along the way. This is a small write up about my trip to Mardi Himal. A small peak that lies within the Annapurna range mountain. The super exciting trip to the mountain, fun and adventure of the breathless journey for mesmerizing view of a beautiful mountain range and beautiful Mardi Mountain.

The hype of Mardi mountain goers had just been extreme for past two years. Specially, right before the biggest festival in Nepal, thrill seeker plan their trip to this short trek. A lot of adventurer already know what to expect, however, when you are going to a mountain hike for the first time there are many fun and not so fun things along the way. Usually, people choose October because it does not really rain and weather is pretty beautiful for hikes. It is not extremely cold, neither is it to hot. 5 days trek to the new hot and happening  spot, Mardi mountain in Nepal. Mardi Himal is a mountain with a height of 5587m in the Annapurna area in Nepal. It is less than 20km north of Pokhara in Nepal. Also the southernmost summit of the Annapurna Mountains.

The whole trek started with the shopping of the trekking gears at Thamel, Kathmandu. Thamel, is also best known as a backpackers hub and is always busy with tourists and the locals who are into nightlife. For the trek gears, a quality gear is a must, although a trekker can always purchase used ones for a cheaper price, investing in a proper and long-lasting equipment is always a best option as you might use it again.

Hence, after the purchase of the trekking and packing the trip started.

Day One: Kathmandu to Dhampus 

The best and the easiest way to book the trip is to call one of the travel agencies and book for a ticket on a tourist bus which takes you from Kathmandu to Pokhara and from there hire a taxi for a reasonable fare to Dhampus. However, if you like to take pictures on the way you can always book a taxi, which is a little bit expensive than the bus and does the same thing. Lastly,  for the extreme, go on a motorcycle. Although, it would literally be the pain in the back, it would be one long road trip. All you have to have is courage and energy to ride a motorcycle and energy to sit in the backseat, if you are taking a friend along.

Day Two:Dhampus to Forest Camp

After spending a night with fun filled songs, bonfire at Dhampus, head over to the forest camp. This is one of the most difficult hike, as it has a steep hill. Most of the time you would feel like giving up because it’s to reach to a camp through a jungle. It usually takes about 4-5 hours, however, if you are a slow hiker, it could almost take you a whole day. Before you reach forest camp, there is a place called Pothana, on the way, where most trekkers eat their breakfast. This place is the best place to see Machhapuchare mountain real close before heading for Mardi. The way from the forest is quiet and somewhere it is also scary quiet. Never try to walk alone, although there are signs on the way and be quiet.

Day Three: Forest Camp to High Camp

Although, some people prefer to walk another 30-45 minutes to reach to rest camp, some book their stay at forest camp itself. Be careful, as this time of the year, a lot of traveller go on a hike, because of the weather and the holidays, you might want to book the rooms beforehand. Otherwise, you may only get a small bed space in the dining area. Although, not as difficult as it is to reach forest camp, hiking from forest camp to high camp is comparatively, less difficult than reaching to High camp. The most important thing while going to high camp is, you should always take rest after a few meters, as the altitude changes super quick, as you go higher, you might catch altitude sickness. Locals have also reported that few of the trekkers have died because they ignored altitude sickness.

Upon reaching High camp, if you are lucky, and there are no clouds, mountain range will welcome you with a white shiny smile. This would make anybody happy and smile from their heart. All the trekkers to join together, sing and eat dinner like there is no tomorrow. It is cold in the high camp but everybody comes together and have fun, singing, dancing and enjoying their dinner.

If you are into starts and taking picture, you would be able to see  milky way galaxy and would be able to take great pictures from the high camp.

Day Four: High Camp to Dhampus 

On the fourth day, most trekkers join a group and head to the low base camp, or high base came to see the mountain up close. This is the best place to view sunrise. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to see a beautiful sunshine early in the morning. After that, usually people head to the forest camp or stay at high camp that day, and enjoy mountain view for a day. However, if you use your time wisely, then you could reach Dhampus before sunset.

Day Five: Dhampus to Kathmandu  

After spending a good 5 days you could either explore Pokhara and enjoy the lake side and night life or come back to Kathmandu, as your schedule fits.

The amazing five day trip has left would leave anybody speechless.


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