Punching Bag!

Woke up with you, slept in your arms

Life was always a struggle, you made me calm.

When time was too hard, I wanted to give up

You gave me hope and shed light in my life.

Days went by, so did the months,

Months changed into years

Things became what I always dreamt for!

A normal life happy home, a beautiful family

I thought I was not alone.

My mom passed away so did my dad,

In all reason, I had more reasons to be sad.

You lent me the shoulders to lean on

Wanted to quit my life for no reason.

Days and night, you held me tight

I grieved, hoping for my days to be bright.

Always held me closer, thought the bond was forever!

Loved me unconditional, thought it would not be over

Until you gave up on all we had,

There are only scars in my heart

I cried holding our children in my arms,

They always ask me when is daddy coming back.

Broken heart, broken promises, you are now gone

Agony it is in my heart, I would stand it all alone

Peace of my mind and life of my child

You ruined for nothing at all

You treated me like a crap

I was always your punching bag,

You always wanted to throw me like a trash

Ruined piece of my life, my mind

Shattered and left me in pain

I was always your punching back

You piece of shit never cared!

For everything you did,

You just made me fall apart

Now I am letting you go, with a heavy heart

Tears in my eyes,

Summer is gone, winter has come

I will curl up try to be warm

I am done being your punching back

Leave me the hell alone!!


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