Realization: once you are away from home in a new land, is money your only friend?

Growing up my father always used to give me words of wisdom. I grew up with my lovely family and at the age of 15,  I completed the iron gate exam, S.L.C. from one of the oldest schools in Kathmandu. I moved away and lived in different countries.

When I left home at the age of 15, my father had told me, ” You are my dear daughter, apple of my eye. But I want to tell you something you should always keep in your mind.”

I replied, “Yes father, go ahead.”

He said, ” Now you are going to be away from home, let me tell you something out of my experience.” He then added, ” Since you will be away from home, be careful, your only friend is money. If you have money, you will have people around you, but if you are broke, nobody will be there for you. So, remember, when your parents are not around, money is the only friend you have in an unknown land.”

At that point I laughed and did not say anything and thought to myself, I am good with people, I know if I want someone to help me they will.

Dedicated to my the best person I know, My Father!

A few years later, when I moved to America, I still had a kind heart, just like my father, for all the people throughout his life, I went to a difficult times. I had an incident at a point where I did not know anyone, I was broke and no one there to help me. There were times when I slept in my car. I then felt, once you are away from home in a new land, is money your only friend! Those words of wisdom hits me like a in my head and I understood those words thoroughly.

Every year I grow older, different incidents takes place, people come and leave. My father passed away in 2014, but no matter whatever happens in my life, his words always comes to me during good times, worst times and every day something different happens in my life.



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