What is the purpose of this life though?

Struggling through the day, to pay the bills. Doing things not because you want to but you have to, in order to meet the basic needs. Perhaps, you are a single parent who is supporting your children, the responsibility of your parents had bounded you with the life. Everyone has their own struggle which cannot be explained to others. We do not even want to get on somebody else shoes because our shoes are already heavy for us. As I commute to work everyday, I see people trying to catchup on their sleep, a quick nap perhaps, the sad and exhausted faces. I wonder, what could that be satisfying in their life when they have to work long exhausted hours.

Sometimes, life may feel like a race, we have to run and win, if we do not win then, we will be left behind. People do things on a regular basis, not because they want to do it, but, the obligations have made them to do so. Comparing our lives to others, instead of seeking happiness and love. After all aren’t those the factors that matters the most? Are we not supposed to be happy instead of just waking up and looking forward to the day and do things that we do not want to do? I ask myself what is the purpose of life? It surely isn’t work-eat-sleep and repeat. We should be passionate about what we do and love what we do. The main thing that matters in life is happiness and peaceful heart. So, what could be the purpose of your life?

Multiple times at work place, at home, we constantly and consistently try to impress those people who do not even value your ideas. The whirlwind of the heart may disturb your peace of mind, yet, we do not leave behind things that does not make us happy, but, we do it to impress other people. I wonder, why have things matter to people that should be secondary and not focus on people who are actually around them.

Life is busy, we have our own priorities! However, the purpose of life is not to wake up every morning, go to work, come back home, eat, sleep and repeat. There is more to life, like finding things that makes us want to wake up every morning, do something that we love and live our lives. Finding ourself in the crowd and learn to live once in for all!


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