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Ankhi jhyal, a popular wood art of Nepal. Nepali art of the different periods reflects various aspects of the society in the different stages of its development. Originality in the form and the content on a whole shows the development of a civilization with its unique qualities. In the following lines attempts are made to take account of salient features of Nepali strong sculpture, bronze art, wood art and paintings of different ages. 

Religion has played an important role for development of art of the old age, middle age and even some aspects of the modern age and even some aspects of the modern art cannot be seen in isolation from the religion. In fact religious fervor has inspired the artistic creation. Some aspects of Nepali art manifested in the making of things of religious importance are described in the blog devoted to pilgrimage. So, some points are not brought under discussion in order to avoid repetition. 

Wood Art

Wood is a less durable material so only the description of the wood art of the old age is found. The works themselves decayed long ago. Most of the works that have survived the weather of hundreds of years belong to the 15th to 18th century. 

The works of art can be divided into two groups. Firstly, portable images and other artistic things and secondly, the works of art that form the integral par of temples, monasteries, palaces and rest houses (Sattalas). Decorative doors, windows struts and tympanums belong to the second group. The works of art belonging to the second group. The works belonging to the first category are kept in the National Museum of wood cart. The image of Nrityagevi (15th century), the image of Basundhara (15 century), the image of Vishworup (17th venturi) and the image of Marvijaya are some of the artistic creations kept in the safety of the museum. 

Historical buildings, palaces and temples offer finest examples of the artistic creations of the second group some features and described below. 

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