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Al Qudra Lake is located in Saih AL Salam Desert in Dubai. With over one hundred species of birds include many migratory birds exotic birds, the lake spread over  10 hectares. Fun fact about this lake is, the lake is man-made.

The place is mainly popular for a family picnic, camping over night and to see the sunrise from this place is extremely beautiful. About few kilometers before reaching this lake you will find a cycling trail, where number of cyclists visit and take part in the fun event. The best part about this place is, if you do not have a bike, there is a shop that would rent out the bicycle.

When I visited this place, I absolutely loved it, although the lake was smaller than what I imagined it to be, it is still beautiful. A few kilo meters away from the lake was a beautiful view of desert sand. I went ahead and did a little desert photoshoot. The sunrise at this place looks mesmerizing.

Along with the trail, you can enjoy food trucks at the last exit which consists of food from many regions of the world. A small supermarket that serves healthy food.  This place is a beautifully made place with fun activity. A great place to hangout with friends and family.


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