Skydiving!! Heck yeah


Scared of heights are you?

Fear towards something only will hold you back, whereas, facing  your fear every single time will only make you stronger. My pet peeve was public speaking, when I was in a University pursuing my undergraduate degree. I felt, engineering students never have to make a presentation in the crowd. Little did I know, someday, I would be in a position at work at a managerial position and have to lead number of people. During my graduate school years, I learnt, making a presentation in front of 45 people was not so difficult. I did it over and over to get over the fear of public speaking. 

Growing up I was scared of height, I still am! I never liked going to the top of any building. It did not matter to me if it was 6 storey building of my home, or if it was 100th storey of John Hancock tower in Chicago, I despise height. However, there was a day when I had an opportunity to go to Chicago, Illinois and Indiana with few of my friends. Meanwhile, a  friend of mine purchased a groupon ticket for skydiving in Chicago. A freefall of 20 seconds from 15,000 feet and a view to the Indiana skyline from the skies.

As fascinating it sounded, to be able to see a view and be in the clouds, jumping off the plane from such height, terrified  me as well! One side of me wanted to see the view, whereas other side gave me butterfly in my stomach. I was always scared of the height but this was a great deal where I was getting 75% off, I was greedy and scared at the same time. After gathering my thoughts for couple of days, I decided to get over my fear of height and make the jump. Moreover, I wanted to get over my fear of heights. I was determined that day I will get it over with and make the jump!

Driving from Kansas to Chicago was a fun driver with friends. We reached the spot, I could see the planes, more like private planes. The day had come, I was terrified thinking of jumping off the plane. Although, I would be diving with a trained and experienced  what would happen if I do not make to the ground. After waiting from 8am till 2pm, and getting all the instruction, I finally got on the plane, ready to make it happen, ready to jump off the plane! My tandem instructor kept on asking me how I felt after every 10 minutes. I was a nerve wreck, I just did not want to faint in the sky. I kept on telling him I was extremely nervous. The pilot asked me a question when we were at 7,000 ft., if I wanted to go higher or make a jump from there. I was thinking to myself, if I am jumping why not jump from higher point, I confirmed with him I wanted to go higher. The moment had come, my instructor made a final confirmation and i signaled him, and I made the jump!

Jumping off that height, I was in the clouds! I smiled for the picture, and I made a mistake of screaming. I inhaled a air up in the sky, I thought I was going to die because I could not breath, the scariest 20 seconds of freefall from high up in the sky. Now I think of it, the incident makes me want to laugh, but I survived! As the tandem instructor opened the parachute, I felt relief! The only thing I could see from high up in the sky was beautiful skyline of Indiana, shape of the earth and green fields. I did not want to land, I wish I could fly like a bird and be up there in sky.

This opportunity made me realize that I loved the adrenaline rush. Getting over this fear opened up my mind to participate in more of adventurous sports, and my journey began to other adventures.






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