Desert Safari: The Weather did not Stop Us From Having Fun

It was almost 103 degrees! I thought  to myself, am I crazy? Why did I even sign up for something like this? A desert safari? Even going to Terai region during mid summer a year ago for a week agonised me, and all I wanted to do was go back to Kathmandu. For a moment, I thought,  I was going to have a heat stroke! A long day of anticipation and we were supposed to reach to our bus stop near Burjuman metro station by 15.30 hrs. With the pretty neat deal, a discounted price where everything was covered by the organiser from camel ride to the belly dance, food, henna tattoo and many more fun things for a special rate! Amazing deal! When we reached the bus stop, we waited almost for an hour for us to find out the bus was going to arrive a little late, for a moment I thought I will not have to go the the  desert safari. However, another side of me said, why not just go and check things out! Its not going to hurt anyone. Hence, we got on the bus, and off we went to a city of Sharjah. Almost, an hour and half drive from the city of Dubai.

Before reaching our main spot, where the set up is just like a restaurant, with arabic snacks and dinner, hooka, belly dancing. Our bus driver asked us to get on the jeep. Who would have known that jeep ride was a rollercoaster ride in the desert. Our jeep driver took us to an amazing wonder ride in the middle of a desert. He was driving fast in the sand, up and down we went for more than 30 minutes. It is one of those thrilling rides in the desert safari package. Like every other roller coaster ride, I thought to myself, that I could possibly die, even in that ride, I was thinking, what if, the jeep flips, would it be like one of those action english movies? My vivid imaginations aside, the driver safely took us to the camp.


The package was amazing! I did not know which of the fun things I wanted to do first. I felt like I was a kid in the candy store. There were a few camel. One was real angry, and making sounds like he could not take it anymore. I sat on the back of camel. Its hump was designed such a way you could comfortably sit on it. We went for a few minutes camel ride. Only thing I could do was smile and thought about those old indian movies, where actors migrated from places to places on a camel’s back. Soon I got off the camel’s back, I could not wait to ride on a quad bike.Thank god to my skills of riding a scooter back home in Nepal, this quad bike also has the same principle. I gave choose a white bike, then off I went on the desert sand.14324287_1698194663834435_8827886027945234274_o

The camp not only offered the best in adventures and fun rides, it also offered us a photoshoot session where we could dress up as arabic ladies and gentlemen. A souvenir  shop to purchase gifts from the camp and memory of Dubai. Free henna tattoo for the ladies, tasty and healthy food, barbecue and a memorable fun evening.

Furthermore, going on a hot day to a desert safari was after all one of the best things here in emirates with fun activities, introduction to the culture and food, meeting people and the memorable moments.









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