Often times we quit, right when we are at our destination

Patience it could be, we often forget we worked so hard for it

We do not see the beautiful valley, if we don’t reach at the top

Giving up is the thought that hold you back every time.

Trust me it only gets better for you, just don’t loose hope!

God always gives you what you can handle and nothing more

Not that he does not love you, he knows you very well

Always prepare you for the better or worse

You meet people for a reason,

Some come in your life may be just as a lesson

Lesson learned, move on!

 It did not kill you at that time, only made you strong

Years after years, you grew old, learned many things to let go.

Empty mind is a devil’s home, you know it better

You are born for a purpose and you shall fulfill your work

Leave this earth and be the memory somehow

God only gives you what is always the best.

Always live your life to the fullest!!


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