Krishnasthami (Krishna’s eight)

The day of the dark lunar fortnight in August or early September in birth day of Lord Krishna, direct incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who together with Brahma and Shiva, complete the Hindu Trinity.

The festival begins on the seventh day of the dark lunar fortnight as the Hindu devotees throughout the country begin procession carrying ornately clothed idols of Krishna. They sing an ancient hymns depicting miraculous birth, extra-ordinary childhood, divine love and various deeds of valor of Krishna. Prients read out the deeds of Krishna from the religious scriptures to the devotees gathered around them.

Towards evenings people start gathering around almost all the Krishna’s Temple of the Country, to observe the festival. Singing melodious Hymns they keep vigil through the glorious night of his birth. Krishna Mandir of Patan is the centre of such religious devotees in the valley. Thousands and thousands of men, women and children keep vigil singing songs of the glorious deeds of Lord Krishna who comes to the earth to destroy the evil and to protect the pious teaching them the lesson of selfless performance of the earthly duties.


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