Mata Tirtha Puja (Looking upon Mother’s face)

Mata Tirtha begins on the last of the dark fortnight day of April or early May. On this occasion every Nepali looks upon his/her mother’s face. As it is the day show respect, affection and reverence to the mother formally, all of her sons and daughters come in front of the mother, offer her various delicious dishes and bow with deep respect and affection to receive her blessing. She blesses them by touching their foreheads with her hand. 

Married daughters and the sons living out, return once to their house, where they were born and the whole country rejoices in the festive atmosphere; elegantly dressed men and women carrying baskets of delicious foods are seen everywhere. 

The festival shows the traditional Nepalese way of life in joint family, it means how they show reverence to their parents and elderly kinsfolk. 

Those who do not have their mothers go to Mata Tirtha (mata means mother and tirtha means a sacred site used fro pilgrimage), six miles south-west of central Kathmandu. 


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