A hidden waterfall and a beautiful song, Jhor, Kathmandu, Nepal

The monsoon season, wet, muddy puddles and the disgusting dirty roads. These are the days  I do not  even want to get out of my home and go to places. I felt like I should just stay home cuddled up in my blanket and read a romantic novels or curl up on my recliner and watch the daily soaps on TV. It was one of those days when you just want to be lazy and play some 70s music at home and sipping a cup of British breakfast in the morning and chicken noodle soup in the afternoon to keep yourself warm. However, those were the days when I didn’t know going out in the rain and getting wet was boring. Who knew, running in the garden, similar to  Indian movie actresses would be so much fun. Be it, the lady in the white sari and taking a dance in the waterfall or going out running across the field while it rains could even be romantic.13661901_1663161420671093_1887777740395760856_o

Numerous thoughts came to my mind when I thought about the creative directors and producers making these movies. Another thought was, are these producers trying to tell lazy people like myself, to dance in the rain and sing romantic songs while dance in the waterfall was fun? I used to be  surprised with how people came up with all these ideas until you actually try it yourself.

Yes! I went on a motorcycle with my friend to this place, a few minutes away from the heart of the city, Kathmandu, to the outskirts, lies a place where there is a huge waterfall and a hidden waterfall where clear water was flowing from several feet high.

13603295_1663161377337764_771509788181498238_oOn that rainy day, in the motor cycle, raincoat covered barely covered us, in a pouring rain, we rode on the muddy puddles, trying not to get the dirt on our clothes and shoe. Despite our attempt of not getting the dirt on us, our feet were nasty. But when we reached the waterfall and the seeing the water flow, I could not resist, all those creative directors and producers who made it possible in the movies had already put that thought in my head, and I did! I went off and sang a song and danced in the waterfall and it was fun. Similar to the one that you would see on TV, growing up, only thing I did not have to do was repeat the shot to make it a perfect one and I was not getting paid for it but it was so much fun.

Luckily, for me I had extra pair of clothes in my bag pack, so I changed and we returned to the city, back to our homes. I laughed at myself for trying to dance and sing like a movie star. A fun day dancing in the waterfall jamming to my favorite song.



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