Why not Dubai? Live, Learn and Explore the Possibilities.

The typical stereotype always hits when someone has thoughts about the better option to be a go-getter! We want better lives for ourselves, earn money, provide the quality life for our children, and even help out parents if they ever need from us. However, the typical stereotype about working in gulf countries still exists.

Never in my wildest dreams I had ever thought I would choose to live in a country where people are extremely conservatives, women are not allowed to drive, you cannot wear bikinis at the beach and live like freedom was never granted to you in your life. You ought to live in the conservative society where your independence is taken away from you, forever! Those thoughts might not make you want to live in gulf countries. I have even heard older people saying, once a woman goes and work in gulf countries, they are not considered a marriage material anymore. Seriously! Heard all of that and many more. For an independent woman who wants to settle at some point in life with a man from a cultured family and raise children in a safe country. Why can you not live in Dubai?

I see mass of people from all over the world, no matter where I go in this small city, so diverse, such rich culture and the beautiful places. People from different culture, crowded in a little city that is adapting to the modern 21st century trends and fashion, adapting to the European lifestyle, lavishing with great opportunities for their career and providing safest environment to raise their children. Dubai is one of the best cities I would have had ever lived. It is  not totally modernized at some parts, however, there are always those places and people who are extreme conservationists.

From the economy to the wonderful lifestyle, this place has opportunities like in the Western or European countries. The booming economy has given so much power to this country and opened doors for people all over the world. Sometimes, I think, people are just scared because of what they have heard about gulf countries, or they know few of those who have been a bad apple. But those exist everywhere, at least living in Dubai, I can vouch for this place. Not all the gulf cities, but this city is really full of life. If you give me one reason why you should not live in Dubai, I will give you 3 more why you should consider living here.

Another reason could be, I have lived in different kinds of environment, so, I am open about a lot of things and I adapt quickly to any place I go and live. Be it my adapting technique or the stroke of my luck, I happen to land at good places. There are people who want to make a move. Nonetheless, if you are one of those who want to take a chance, take my word for it, Dubai is one of the luxurious places to live. Once you visit Dubai and explore, you will find the best thing here and why someone might want to consider living here. Leave the narrow-minded attitude at a corner of your home. A friend of mine told me if you ever in your life want to jump start your life, this place gives you an opportunity.

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  1. December 5, 2016

    I totally agree with your thoughts. I am working year since 2 years and my experience is that Dubai is the city of opportunities for people who are opportunists or good at luck .

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