At Top of the World: The Tallest Architecture of the World… Burj Khalifa

All I did was thought, and held on to my thoughts like its possible. Someday, I will go and travel the world. I haven’t traveled the world yet, however, I believe, I will! I want to see all the greatest things that human created in this lifetime. Always wonder about how will I manage to travel with the job that will make me stuck 5 days a week on the desk in a corner of the office. I aspire to have a work where I could travel and work. It always seems impossible, having a degree, experience from all over the world. Always impossible to find something where I can make a decent living and do things that I love to do i.e. travel and learn different culture. 

I have seen a few wonders man made creations. From golden gate bridge in San Francisco to Statue of Liberty in New York city, wonderful city that has wonderful things to offer. However, to witness the tallest building of the world is another feeling, Burj Khalifa, UAE. 14446075_1704452859875282_2869563110998495141_nEmirates have many things to offer, and this building is considered as the tallest structure in the world, which stands 829.8 m (2,722 ft) high till the date. The view from the 148th level will give the viewer amazing Dubai City’s view. Specially, during the night time, it feels like the city that never sleeps, bright light, busy roads this city will melt your heart.
In the neighbourhood, and different part of the city you go to, from 3 metro station down from the area, you can still see this architecture.

Lights in this building is synchronised with the music from contemporary Arabic songs, to the pop songs from all over the world. Furthermore, lights shimmers from top to bottom of the building. This structure does not just look mesmerizing from the outside, but also, you can view the city, specially during the evening time. Nonetheless, the mesmerising dancing fountain and the movement with the beat will make you stunned, how beautifully this place is designed. Over 6000 lights with 25 different coloured projectors, where water is shoot 50ft high, accomponied by a range of classical to contemporary Arabic and world music.

One of the best man made, architecture that I have witnessed and the best time of this year. The tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa.



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