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Every bit of that thought scared me. Everywhere I go I am scared of breaking rules of this country. I have only lived in countries where there is freedom for everything. There are regulations, however, nothing can compare with the regulations and law in the UAE. I had to make another move though, hence, I decided to stay in Emirates for a while. I grew up in a city, and studied in co-ed system and raised in a family where you were taught to be an independent woman does not even match up my anxiousness when it comes to this thought of risking everything and come live in a country where women are dependent on men for everything and all they do is make up and shopping and have the most luxurious life of all times.14241444_1695552000765368_6426187211090956762_o

It surely was a one of the biggest decision on my life, to move to Dubai, UAE. Although, for a short time but only way out to earn money to be able to fulfil my wishes of travelling. Even when I was reading the rules and regulations of this arabic country, having lived in United states all my 20s and know only now thing. “Freedom”. Before I applied for the visa and booked my flight, I was still in deep thoughts and asked myself many questions, will I be able to survive there? What if one day I dress inappropriate and the police put me in jail? What if something I do not know happens and I accidentally make a mistake? I have always followed the rules of the place I have lived. However, this place made me unsure of what might come along the way, if I would be able to survive here, live the life I want to live and explore places. My heart always pounded  with these questions in my head. This was not the first time I left home, but over the years places and people have changed me. I questioned myself, am I ready for a change again? Am I ready to move out of my hometown and go in a completely different country where I do not have any family? What if I get home sick, would I run back to my beautiful hometown.

As confused as I during my last week in Nepal, I went with my guts, and I booked a flight to fly to Dubai, UAE. I was sceptical at first, but it is not how I assumed it would be! More I go out and meet people, more I love this place. This city is really full of life. I am amazed by the lights, streets, rules and the strict regulation of this place. Yet! there are so many things even in this extremely hot place, and the weather does not stop me from having loads of fun.

I absolutely am in love with this place, also called “city of life”, I love Dubai!


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