Intimidating, scary and worst of all getting out of your comfort zone and popping that bubble you have secured yourself all the time. Change is scary, nobody likes to change  at all. Although people always complain about their monotonous life, it is one of the most difficult things to just let yourself out and explore the world. We might need a career change or even  change of place, it might sound fun and exciting at first, but it is equally scary to modify what we are used to on the regular basis.  Actually, people don’t resist change, they resist being changed.  People do not  even find it comfortable when they move their office room from one corner to another at their home, let alone changing our lifestyle or career. Before we think about modifying anything in our life we should ask ourselves, are we willing to embrace the change and make our life-style different?

It is not impossible, but getting out of the comfort zone, popping that bubble you have lived in for so many years of your life is challenging. Would you be able to just wake up one day and say this is not what you are and you want to change? Simple lifestyle change like working out may be the first challenging at first, that yoga class seemed difficult at first and you almost gave up. May be the first newspaper article you wanted to write and you could not gather your thoughts and get it started. Perhaps, the trigonometry class, when you were not able to understand the relationship between the hypotenuse of a triangle to its base, at first, when  you started your engineering school. The “Hello World!” message that should go through your compiler and display as your output on your first programming class. They were all challenging, but you discovered  slowly, how simple it was! Slowly and steadily you did it and you graduated from the engineering school with minor in mathematics.

To master something you need to initiate, when you are determined to alter your life. Take one day at a time, make tiny changes everyday, set goals that are achievable in your daily routine and commit yourself to it. Everything falls in the place gradually. New policy, new device and new tool might sound daunting at first, the agony of a sudden change might break you apart. But taking  baby steps and train yourself you would make it easier but you get out of the comfort zone and achieve your goals.

Setting up a milestone that you can actually achieve and commit yourself to the goal. Take a baby step, never give up and just do it. At the end of it all, enjoy learning every bit about yourself and the process while you embrace the change.


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