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Our lifestyle is changing rapidly. We invite that kind of a change. We have made technology our guardian angel and we are the slaves of the technology. From minor tasks in our lives to the major life decision we believe in database and statistics. From tying a tie to the information about big data, we rely on the internet.

In this competitive world, from share prices to the bills at home we keep track is in our mobile phones. Everything is going digital which benefits all of us, we want all the data we have stored and available to us without having to go through all the paperwork.   Information technology brings us immense  opportunities. In your resume, it always comes as an additional bonus to get ahead of participating competitor. Coding helps you be  creative, logical and helps in approximative. If we do not want to be dysfunctional and extinct  in and move forward, here it is, the fact is learn to code. Otherwise, you will be extinct and you may find it difficult to understand technology.

Coding is like learning a new language.  It is futile to transcribe it literally or sentence by sentence as learning a new language. It is changing your mind-set, adopting a new point of view on the world about learning a new language. New language meaning new way of thinking and seeing things and conceptualizing. On the other hand, learning coding  teaches you how to learn. Once you start learning to code, you will search for the correct information, technique and methods. It is an important to acknowledge that technology is changing rapidly and to be up to date becomes part of being connected with technology. Moreover, bringing out the Innovative, challenging part and a humongous part of our lives rely on the technology. No one actually use the phone-books anymore, we have software to find out the information we need. Moreover, we can google  the information we need, it’s like having a library to a wiki  in your pocket.  

Coding might sound intimidating to many, just like that algebra question in middle school or the calculus problem in your freshman year in college. Trust me! It is not as difficult as it sounds. Take one piece at a time, each day learn one thing. Surely, one day you will be able to get an output for the code you push through in the compiler. Take advantage of the online sources, there are number of youtube videos, free courses online where you can benefit from. Other online sources available to use are Github etc. After All, experts were once the beginners!



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