2 Days in Pokhara: Fun, Exciting and Natural view

Fall in love with the beauty


The spectacular view of the mountains, when i woke up that morning, with the view of Machapuchare mountain range from my hotel room, the beautiful view made me feel like I am part of something greater than my life back in Kathmandu. It was  absolutely mesmerizing!  I just wanted to steal a glimpse, but i kept on wondering with the breath-taking scene and  I could do nothing but loose myself to the nature.


I was off to chill and lay  by the lake that morning, after a cup of tea and breakfast. It was a wonderful getaway from everything that I have back home. Smell of the fresh air, the monsoon rain, sitting at a cafe by the lake, I was not delusional but I was lost in the beauty of my surrounding. With the breeze brushing through my skin, oh! How did i forget my cashmere at my hotel room. I still loved the air. Just like the Seattle rain, I felt I was in Seattle for a moment. I grabbed my umbrella walked on the pavement, passing each tree, I was lost in the beauty of this beautiful city. All of a sudden the rain would stop, and i am lost in my own little world, I just wanted to walk around the streets of Pokhara.


I visited a beautiful Tal-Barahi temple, in the middle of Phewa lake surrounded by Shanti stupa, hills and Himalaya. It believed to be dedicated one of the Hindu god known as Vishnu. Crowd of people to pay respect to the god  and blessing from the deity, boated for a few minutes from the bank of the lake to the actual temple, waited hours to get the glimpse of god vishnu. Off to bindabasini temple, yet another beautiful temple to visit in Pokhara city. After the temple visit, I could not wait to go see the waterfall underground, walking for a few minutes in the cave. The 500 feet tall tunnel stood right infront of my eyes, as much as I was excited to witness it, I was equally nervous thinking what if there is another earthquake. But the crowd of people kept me going and I was out of the cave. The waterfall is named after a Davis  who fell and lost his life, the Davis Fall.  


Later that day, I had supper plan with one of my friends. He resided in the military base, I had a nice time, eating fancy meal, glass of wine, beautiful music from fellow military of Nepal. Salute! For serving our country. I enjoyed musical night with dance and songs performed by army personnel. After the supper, I decided to walk around the streets of Pokhara. The evening lights made me me fall with this city even more, I just could not love it any less than walking Thamel street back home in the evening. The dream catcher on the display, jewelry on the streets available to purchase, different fabrics of clothing. It was getting late and I did not want to leave the street and keep on walking around. As the night got darker, bed was calling my name.  Back to my hotel room, I was excited to visit the bat cave next day.


Woke up early in the morning to watch the sunrise and rays of sun kissing the mountain range. I started to fall in love with this “City of Lakes” . I thought to myself, I wish,  I could just come here every weekend and be lost in the nature and the beauty of himalayas. I visited the bat cave, while taking pics, I was thinking what if I wake one of the birds up and the chaos I would create there, but they were in their own la la land, I cared less about.

This trip was a short trip, I had the exciting weekend in the heart of the city. I  made a promise to myself to go further. Perhaps.  Trek  to Ghorepani (Poon Hill) , Ghandruk, to Annapurna Base Camp, base-camp of Mt. Annapurna someday. For now, I just kissed you good-bye and hope to see you real soon.


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