Dhulikhel: A weekend in paradise!

Watching the sunset from the viewpoint of the resort, make me realize how soon the time has passed, announcing the day was over and it was the star that showed up calling the night to cover the clouds with the pretty blue sky and the full moon.


With 2 hours of hike from Banepa to Dhulikhel, bare hills reminded me of my childhood and my visit to Dhulikhel many years ago. The hills looked green with many trees, those heap of land where farmers grew fresh organic vegetables. I came to realize what happen to those mountains, what have we done to our natural resources, why do I not see the trees. I was saddened by the fact we have become so selfish that we do not even see what we are doing to our surrounding.Those clouds were also crying that night inhaling all the poisonous gas we are sending to our air. Using all the electrical appliance we are becoming comfortable in our rooms but we never think how we can simply pollute the environment.

Although, I was upset with the all the downside, I was hopeful to wake up to the beautiful mountains, sparkling and shining looking at us was mesmerizing.The panoramic view of snow-capped himalayas were breath-taking! Panorama of Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Karolung in the East including Mt. Ganesh Himal and 20 other mountain range, was dazzling. The captivative view of all those mountains made me think, we are so rich.


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