Wonderful 6 Days With 6 Year Old!

Everything beautiful is right there in front of you. As much as that energy of a 6 year old might be overwhelming for a person who is almost 3 decades older than them you will only wish how smart their questions might be and how tech savvy they are although you use your smart devices all the time. I had so much fun when my little nephew was visiting his maternal home for a little more than a week.

There are no children who are living around me, so, I never had to take the time to find what could accommodate a 6 year old without stressing any adults. One thing for sure I realized was I started to research for places where he would enjoy because my raising and his is completely 13932786_1676856019301633_4938750994799168214_ndifferent! During a week worth of time, I realized, there are many places in Kathmandu that you can possibly take a little kid to. To the park where there are roller coasters that are designed specifically for kids, arcade, many fun parks and to a family friendly restaurants. Courage you could not have gathered to go to the arcade and play games. Collect the tickets in order to win those prizes, all wonderful experience.

When you get to spend time with a kid, take that opportunity! You will be amazed with their curiosity for this world. My nephew asked me questions that I had to google about space and spaceships. Who would have known these kids learn so much from YouTube and watching13912904_1676856339301601_4762389595064560250_n cartoon network. How would I know what “sea of tranquility” was, or the metaphor related to this phrase. I was stunned by his question and got to know many things that actually is educational.

The best thing you get to learn is no matter how old you are, you still get to be a kid with a kid, laugh for the silliest reasons and be like them without being judged. They would teach you lessons that you possibly had never imagined that you would learn from a  year old. Moreover, they will for sure teach you how to live your life without fearing it!




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