Reality: Interpreting River Flowing with Creativity.

Our life is like a flowing river. 

Childhood: the first part, where every thing is calm and quiet, one way to flow. Our parents are there to guide us, support and help us.

Adulthood: We have all the energy in the world to make a difference. Challenges seem to be wonderful and we want life to challenge us. We struggle, work hard, give our best. We want to make money, live and lead a better life for ourselves and our family.

Many things we put aside, ignore and never get our attention. Yet, we continue to struggle. Often times we do not even realize we have ignored those simplest things that needed our attention and we kick them to the curb. We do what we have to do.

Older; All those challenges bring either best in us or worst in us. However, we turn out to the best of ourselves. We start giving back and want to leave this earth peacefully.


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