She Just Wants to Fit-In

Scrolled down the facebook wall,
I saw her profile
She has no updates, no facebook status to share
may be the computer does not ask her
what actually bothers her
Perhaps, she probably has a lot but nobody bothers

A lot of words unspoken,
and some more that stayed with her,
She saw the cruelty when she tried
All she wanted was be friends with others

Friends with the people who were nice to her,
as she was kind to others
All she wanted was to fit in
with the guys and girls and move further.
Although they always made fun of her,
She never shed any tear
acted like those words never bothered.

She had a kind heart, but no make up on her
Wore the simplest clothes. However, nobody liked her.

I just want to fit in she cried,
No matter how hard she tried
she cried all through the night
All she wanted was to be loved
For no-one was there for her
She always felt lonely nobody wanted her
Years passed by, her heart broke into pieces
Her bullies won over her

But One Day,

She was walking alone at the park
stopped and stared the horizon
When she met a stranger, on the bridge
He gave a warm smile, and listened to her
Became friends some moments later,
Opened her eyes for the possibility
to the generous heart, as he felt for her
loved and cared, they shared hearts
and didn’t bother.

Now I see her happy,
In her own bubble, in her happiest world
She does not still update on Facebook wall
She now lives in the moment
Happy with her soul, with possibilities in the world!!


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