30 Day Challenge: February 2019

Yesterday, I watched two educational videos via.Ted, one of them said, people make a resolution on each year and by valentines day it disappears and another video said, if you keep challenging yourself for 30 days things changes around  you.

So, keeping these things in mind I have started my 30 days challenge for February as my New Years Resolution and head started the challenge. It is not to complain about things and how things changes around you.

Last night when I took this challenge, I was thinking its pretty much simple and easy. I mean how hard is it not to complain? It is like you just do not complain. But when I go home I talk to my family and a friend of mine about work mostly and my colleagues. As discouraging as it might sound, my brother told me I will fail miserably, but what is the harm is trying anyway, I thought to myself.

So, I avoided talking about work because usually it is my frustration about work that I share at home with my family and with a friend of mine. So, it seemed a little difficult, and the first day of the challenge I almost gave up. But at the same time I thought to myself, I might be one of those TMI person so this will help me develop my character of keeping things to myself and I can avoid a lot of conflict in my personal life that I always faced because of difference in opinion. And it was really nice to talk about exciting things that had happened to me instead of complaining about my day. It is also going to let me be patient and save me from a lot of headache with my family and friends.

Let’s  see February 2019 goes for me and what it changes. Keep challenging yourselves and keep motivating yourself.


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